You have reached the end of your search for a 360° multi-disciplinary Strategic Marketing Agency in the “New World” of Web, Marketing and Media.

We are a full-service Logo design, Graphic design, Website design, Strategic, Social and Internet marketing company with a kick-ass team of individuals who are all world-class and highly skilled in their area of expertise.

We are a powerhouse that delivers next level creativity, quality and exceptional projects; and have been doing this successfully for small, medium and large corporate companies. We boast a myriad of well-known brands who trust us with their projects.

We are passionate about what we do; and it shows! We do what we love and we are really good at it!

We understand how business works and we know how to serve you with the quality you deserve from your partner Agency.

World Of Creativity

The Brand New World of Logo, Graphic and Website Design and Development

The “Brand New World…” There are times in history when one single intervention changes everything irreversibly!

As the World Wide Web came on-line; the universe as we know it became increasingly smaller than we ever imagined. With access to unlimited information and the speed with which communication can now travel; our very globe is indeed turning faster!

With this significant and almost nuclear impact, every part of our lives has changed forever – but none so radically as the world of business. And yes, none as dramatically as the world of the Marketer - the intricate art of branding and advertising to ensure bottom line results and high level profits.

From conventional tactics; Marketers had to “grow up fast” and “learn even faster”. Not only were they dealing with unchartered waters; they were dealing with a complete new generation of consumer who was very quickly growing up in this new world of communication, search engines, websites and digital media.

Organizations both large and small have no choice but to embrace these changes.

With what can be called nothing less than a “communication revolution”;  the new world has changed how we WORK, how we LEARN, how we CREATE, how we FIND information, how we PURCHASE, how we COMPLAIN, how we SELL, how we SHARE, how we PLAY, how we INFLUENCE, how we EVALUATE

Companies most definitely need a knowledgeable partner since we are in effect dealing with a spider-web of interconnected messages and opinions, which, if managed correctly, can be tailored to your BRANDS ADVANTAGE!


Harnessing the Power of Graphic Design

At Ten21, we harness the power of design’s possibilities for companies who want to discover their untapped potential. We are masters at putting the tools of Logo Design and Graphic Design into action to create the exceptional. More than that, we challenge all boundaries and take leaps in the right direction to put you way above your competitors!

We believe that Graphic Design is the visual communication of complex ideas in the simplest form; and that a time-less brand is more than a sassy type-face or in line with current design trends!

Our work demonstrates how brand strategy and design concepts come together to transform Corporate Identities and spearhead new destinies.


Your Website Design as the essence of your Identity

Our Website Development is fully based on delivering the highest standard of Content Management Systems (CMS), Mobile websites and world-class E-Commerce systems.  As an Award Winning Agency we believe visual design elements and the end-user experience are most critical to the successful communication of your brand message to your consumer through this vital marketing tool.

The power of our creative is integrated to ensure a highly appealing, effective, functional and interactive end user experience that drives results.

You need a collaborator who is abreast of the rapid changes in world-wide technology and best-practice; but most importantly an associate in the complex journey of strategically navigating them through this multifaceted maize…

We started evolving way before the revolution and if you require anauthentic partner who are at the top of our game; Ten21 are experts at guiding the way through the dynamic and ever evolving “New World” matrix to ensure your brand and profit success.

Sit back and take some time to view our portfolio and our impressive client list that will change the way you look at the world of “new world” marketing, graphic and website design in totality.


A Revolutionary Agency with all you need under one roof

As a fully integrated and revolutionary agency, that has totally embraced the new world of communication; our offering does not end here. From highly effective copy writing appealing to both the website user and search engines; optimization of your website, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization; our team ensures that you gain maximum exposure at every point of contact.

It is no secret that the world of Marketing and Communication has dramatically evolved over the last two decades. The “new world” of communication has given organizations the opportunity to connect with their clients like never before.  In effect it is the radical advancement of Customer Relationship Marketing to ensure long-term client loyalty; which is truly the secret to profitability.


Where creativity meets Strategy!

Over the last decade, Ten 2 One has embraced and evolved with what can be called nothing but a “Communication Revolution”; and this is indeed strongly driven by Strategic, Digital, Web Marketing and of course the impact of the Social Media insurrection that no longer can be ignored.

Our highly experienced Strategic Marketing team; abreast with the International Association of Business Communicators will ensure your overall Marketing Strategy is objective driven and a completely integrated “Highly Effective Marketing Plan”. A strategy which does not use stand alone initiatives, yet starts with marketing goals; integrates the right channels across related mediums and supports the right content and messaging mix for your target audience through a Content Management Strategy to turbo-boost your profits.

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