Interactive CD/DVD production

Ten2One media and design promote, inform, educate, motivate, excite, entertain and empower by providing an unbelievable esperience that engages the audience better than using just one single medium.

This successful interactive media delivers a suspension of disbelief that immerses the user in the information world in which they interact. The author's intent is easily understood and appreciated and is delivered with a powerful long-lasting impact.

Ten2One media and design can assist you to combine design, content and flow that is appealing to your target market and your company culture. Marketing packages that incorporates short video commercial messages or product demo's are extremely popular, we can provide such interactive solutions that will best suit your company's needs.

Guide to Interactive CD/DVD production:

  • Consult

The first step is to understand the company's business model, mission, products/services and the expectations of what value the interactive CD or DVD will be to the client.

  • Propose

We conceptualize and propose a schematic of how we interperate the flow of your interacitive CD. Flow and functionality become clear to the client.

  • Plan

A project plan with timelines are prepared for the client so that content collection is organized and simplified. Each roll player knows what is expected of him/her and deadlines are visible to all parties – good communication is the key!

  • Creative

Our creative team of professional designers will create a “look and feel” that coincides with your corporate image. The client will then first approve the design, content and interface before any development starts, ensuring that there is no miscommunications.

  • Development

Our programmers will start developing the back end functionality based on the schematic, functional specs and the approved content and lay-out. The client will be able to preview a partial CD to once again ensure that we are on the right track.

  • Testing

After Ten2One has completed the internal testing, then it is up to the client to test. We request the client's feedback in writing for modifications or revisions.

  • Completion

On final approval from the client, the CD or DVD is ready to be duplicated where Ten2One design and media will also design the CD label and packaging to compliment the interactive CD design.